Our community association programs and facility operation is managed and administered by volunteers. While the board of directors is organized to run the operations in all departments, we benefit greatly from any additional contribution from our members and associates.

Additional volunteer support has the potential to;
  • Assist our team with the operation of our facility
  • Reduce costs in areas where we would otherwise hire staff
  • Ensure that our programs run successfully each year
  • Contribute to our overall sense of community through active participation 

The following are some of the areas where a few hours of your time would be of tremendous assistance;

Pool & Grounds
  • Annual spring clean up
  • Gardening & pool area appearance
  • General maintenance and facility improvements
  • Putting up & taking down the wind screens
  • Assisting with on-site registration and class size balancing at the start of the tennis lesson sessions
  • Organizing and running supplemental tennis events within the guidelines of our services and operating policies
  • Opening BBQ: assisting with set up, BBQ, and handing out food & drinks
  • Adult Evening Social: assisting with set up & operation 
  • Providing professional expertise and consulting in business administration such as legal, accounting, marketing or information technology.
City of Waterloo Rink in McCrae Park
  • Joining our team of volunteers that brave the cold to clear and flood the outdoor rink during winter
Can you spare some time to help make our community programs and facility run?  If so, please drop us a note via our contact us page here.