Covenant Information

BeechWood West 1 was established around the 1980s and our community has run the Association through volunteers who make the BW1 board. And we continue to strive to make a difference and make our community special and well run.

As our covenant was set to expire in Dec 2019, the board worked very hard over the last several years to successfully drive the Special Activity/Service Levy (SSL/SAL). It  was a lot of hard work, behind the scenes work with educating members, meeting with the City, rallying up volunteers,  multiple presentations to the board and the City council alike. Starting this year, the fees will be collected by the City of Waterloo as part of the Property Taxes using the SSL/SAL. 

We sincerely thank all our members for the support in this journey. 

Many thanks all & Congratulations,
BW1 Board