2020 Summer Schedule at the Courts

The majority of the tennis court time is open access per the court play rules, with the exception of the following designated times: 

Children's Tennis Lesson Programs

Our children's tennis lesson program runs weekdays during the summer sessions in July and August. 

Men's and Women's Doubles Nights

 *** due to COVID the following programs are unable to run currently ***

Two nights of the week are set aside for men's and women's double's nights. 

     Monday Night Men's Doubles:  7 pm - dusk

    Wednesday Night Women's Doubles:  7 pm - dusk

Court preference is given to these events that typically operate under the following guidelines:

    • Participants self organize and begin play at 7 pm
    • Priority is given to these events, but others may use the courts if they are vacant
    • It is suggested that participants rotate every half-hour, or as agreed upon by scoring, to facilitate a mix of play

    Additional Summer Activities:
    Junior Tennis Ladder 
    Juniors can complement their coaching with an organized match ladder. 
    • All rules for matches are stated on the match ladder board just outside the tennis courts. 
    • Sign up will be coordinated during the summer tennis lesson program. 
    • All matches are to be organized on your own time. 
    • If there are any questions on the rules please contact the tennis instructor for assistance.