Board of Directors

The following is a brief description of the administrative structure, together with the current office-holders:

President - Jamie McManus
Coordinate Board Activities, Interact with City Officials, Oversee operations
Treasurer - Hadas Fuchs
Oversee day-to-day bookkeeping and finances & budgeting and reporting
Secretary - Heidi Johnston 

Director of Communications - Leigh Day & Kristen House
Manage all email communication, web-site content, Instagram account, Facebook page and annual newsletter production.
Director of Maintenance - Jamie McManus
Oversee and coordinate all pool-related maintenance activities. Oversee and coordinate all ground-related & change room related maintenance activities
Director of Volunteers & Distribution - Vacant
Develop and oversee innovative methods of identifying and utilizing prospective volunteers for a host of further Association duties
Director of Social Affairs - Tracey Szarka
Oversee and coordinate all social events (BBQ, Garage Sale, etc)
Director of Tennis Operations - Dan Ban
Oversee all tennis operations, programming and maintenance
Director of Pool Operations - James Perrault/Laura Cowley
Manage lifeguards, maintain pool furniture and equipment and pool programming.

Additional Volunteer Portfolio Management

We would greatly appreciate additional volunteers that may be able to assist with a sub-set of programs in a portfolio manager role.  You don’t necessarily need to be a director to help contribute as a volunteer this summer!  

Please see our volunteer page or reach out to the individual director above if you can help out.