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Lesson Signup

All sign-up for swimming lessons at BW1 is being completed online. If you have any questions or issues, please talk to the lifeguards. Session dates and details can be found here.

Below is a conversion chart for swimming levels, in case your child is enrolled in a different swim program and you are not sure which level is right for them.
Beechwood West #1
Lifesaving Society
City of Kitchener
Parent & Tot Parent & Tot 1 Splashers Water Babies
Duck Parent & Tot 2 Bubblers Adult & Tot
Sea Turtle Parent & Tot 3 Bubblers Adult & Tot Advanced or Level B
Sea Otter Preschool A Bobbers Tot & Me or Level C
Salamander Splash 1 or Preschool A Floaters/Gliders Tot & Me or Level C
Sunfish Splash 1 or Preschool B Divers Supertots or Level D
Crocodile Splash 2 or Preschool C Surfers Supertots or Level E
Whale Splash 3 or Preschool D Dipper Supertots or Level E
SK1 Splash 3 or Swimmer 1 Otter Level E
SK2 Splash 4 or Swimmer 2 Seal Level F
SK3 Splash 5 or Swimmer 3 Dolphin Level G
SK4/5 Splash 6 or Swimmer 4 Swimmer Level H
SK6 Splash 7 or Swimmer 5 Swimmer Level I
SK7 Splash 7 or Swimmer 6 Star 1 Level J
SK8 Rookie Patrol Star 2/3 Level K or Rookie Patrol
SK9 Ranger Patrol Star 4 Ranger Patrol
SK10 Star Patrol  Star 5/6
Star Patrol
*These conversions are not completely accurate, and instructors reserve the right to move kids around to different levels to better suit their skill-level, based on professional judgement.