2020 Pool Lessons & Courses

Beechwood West #1 follows the Canadian Red Cross Swim Kids Program.

2020 Session Dates

Children's group lessons will be held weekday mornings during July and August as per the following se

ssion dates:

Session Session Dates


July 6 – 17


July 20- 31


August 3 – August 14


August 17 – 28

Children will receive a progress report at the end of each two-week session. In order to receive a progress report, children must attend 7/10 lessons. Irregular attendance does not allow the instructors an adequate chance to report on a child's progress. To complete a swimming level, the instructor

 must see each skill performed to standard on 3 separate occasions.

Swimming Lesson - Registration Cut-Off

Registration will occur on-line. We will plan our first two sessions of summer classes to accommodate those registered by the cut-off date, Tuesday June 30th. 

Once the July 6th session begins we will start accepting registration for the final two sessions.  the cut-off date for the last two sessions is Sunday July 26th.  



ortant NOTE!  Each level/class has a set number of spaces in order to keep the child to guard ratio under control. 

After the cut-off date, children will be added to a class only if a spot is still available. Once those spaces are full no one will be added to that class. There will be no exceptions. Thank you for your support!

Pre-Bronze and Junior Lifeguard Courses

Our pool is offering special courses for kids who have completed their swimming level 10, but do not meet the age requirement (i.e. not yet 13 yrs of age) to take the Bronze Medallion course.

Pre-Bronze course focuses on lifesaving skills and learning to rescue. This class also includes swimming stroke improvement.

Our Junior Lifeguard course will teach additional rescue training and first aid.  This program includes a requir

ement to provide 5 volunteer hours as part of completing the course.  

By taking these courses, students will maintain their swimming skills and learn advanced lifesaving skills, helping to prepare them until they are old enough to take the Bronze Medallion Course.  

Please contact the guards for further details or to sign up.

Meet the Lifeguards for 2020



This year, we are pleased to have Mikaela, Spencer, Becca, Owen, Britt, Luke, Oliver & Matt.