Our community association programs and facility operation is managed and administered by volunteers.  While the Board of Directors is organized to run the operations in all departments, we benefit greatly from any additional contribution from our members and associates.

Additional volunteer support has the potential to:

The following are some of the areas where a few hours of your time would be of tremendous assistance:

Pool & Grounds




City of Waterloo Rink in McCrae Park

High School Volunteer Hours

The following student volunteer opportunities are typically available during the summer. Time generously spent volunteering at our facilities can count towards high school volunteer requirements. 

Tennis Lessons - Assisting with the lesson programs in an effort to improve our instruction and increase tennis ball contact time for younger participants

Swimming Lessons - Helping our younger classes around the pool deck and slide; Aiding instructors with teaching skills and supervising

Day Camp - End of August morning day camp; activities on the tennis courts and pool deck, swimming, crafts. 

Can you spare some time to help make our community programs and facility run?   

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