Tennis Court Rules

We are pleased to provide professional grade tennis courts that were resurfaced in 2016. We kindly ask that you follow these rules to ensure an enjoyable experience for all participants, while preserving the quality of our court surface:

    1. The courts are to be used for tennis only. They are not to be used before the nets are put up in the spring or after the nets are taken down in the fall.

    2. Proper non-marking footwear must be worn on the courts.

    3. No food or drink is permitted on the courts with the exception of water. Please help us preserve the newly painted surface that was completed in 2016.

    4. Smoking is not allowed on the facility premises.

    5. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the facility premises, except for approved events with an LCBO permit.

    6. No member is allowed to charge a fee for lessons to players who are not members.

    7. Players are expected to show courtesy and respect and display good tennis etiquette to all players, patrons, and guests at all times. Profane language is prohibited.

    8. It is the responsibility of all patrons to keep the grounds and courts clean and tidy, and to show respect for property.

    9. Be courteous to others waiting for a court and follow the rules set on our reservations page.

    10. Guests are allowed when accompanied by a member.

    11. If you have misplaced your tennis key fob, a new one can be obtained as per our key fob request process.

Code of Conduct Policy

The Beechwood West #1 Homes Association facilities exist to provide patrons opportunities to participate in and to access services, programs or events in a safe and positive environment. Beechwood West #1 Homes Association will attempt to ensure a safe and positive climate so that all patrons may enjoy these facilities. This policy and procedure applies to all staff and all persons accessing the facilities and properties, including but not limited to members, associates, guests, and any other person, volunteer or contractor.

Please review the Beechwood West #1 Code of Conduct for further details.