Pool Schedule

Hours of operations (subject to weather conditions noted below).

*See our activity schedule for full details as there may be some changes to the schedule below*

July & August

Monday - Friday

  • 12-1pm - Lane swim

  • 1-9pm - Open swim


  • 12-9pm - Open swim

June & September


  • 4-8pm


  • 12-8pm

Unplanned Closing Procedure

The following are the conditions in which the pool will close:

  • If the temperature is below 16 degrees Celsius or if it's been raining continuously and heavily for one hour

  • Lighting or thunder: if either is present, no patrons are allowed in the pool. Patrons must wait 30 minutes before re-entering the pool after thunder or lightning has been witnessed. If it continues to thunder or lightning for one hour the pool will close.

The pool will close and the guards may go home if any of these weather conditions occur. However, the pool may be reopened at the lifeguard's discretion if these conditions improve.