Pool Rules

All of the following rules are at the discretion of the lifeguards on duty:

Whistle Signals

In order to ensure the safety of all members when swimming, please ensure that you and your family are aware of the required response when the guards blow the whistle at the pool. One (1) long blast means to clear the pool immediately and wait on the deck for further instructions. One (1) short blast means that a guard is trying to get your attention to correct behaviour. Please respect and follow the safety rules of the pool and help us maintain an accident-free environment.

Sign In Policy

In response to a best practices review taking into account recommendations to enhance member safety and address Association accountability, the Board of Directors have decided to implement a sign in policy for all Member pool attendees and their guests. The Board elicited feedback from other Beechwood Pool Associations as well as guidance from the City and local Clubs and Associations that provide similar services. All of these institutions utilize some form of sign in policy as part of their safety practices.

Code of Conduct Policy

The Beechwood West #1 Homes Association facilities exist to provide patrons opportunities to participate in and to access services, programs or events in a safe and positive environment. Beechwood West #1 Homes Association will attempt to ensure a safe and positive climate so that all patrons may enjoy these facilities. This policy and procedure applies to all staff and all persons accessing the facilities and properties, including but not limited to members, associates, guests, and any other person, volunteer or contractor.

Please review the Beechwood West #1 Code of Conduct for further details.