Code of Conduct

Beechwood West #1 Member, Associate and Guest Conduct Policy

Policy Number: 001

Effective Date: June 14, 2016

This document is intended to act as a guideline assisting the lifeguard team in managing the overall day to day patron experience at our facility. For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:

These policies are inclusive of the entire grounds including change rooms, pool and tennis areas. Included below are definitions of unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour that will require intervention. A standard procedure for discouraging and dealing with these actions and behaviours is also included and should be followed, in lifeguard’s best judgment, as set out below.

i) Policy Statement

The Beechwood West #1 Homes Association (BW1) facilities exist to provide patrons opportunities to participate in and to access services, programs or events in a safe and positive environment. BW1 will attempt to ensure a safe and positive climate so that all patrons may enjoy these facilities. This policy and procedure applies to all staff and all persons accessing the facilities and properties, including but not limited to members, associates, guests, and any other person, volunteer or contractor. All members and associates are responsible for the actions and behaviour of guests they accompany to the facility. All guests must be accompanied by either a member or associate in good standing while accessing the premises. Each patron at the BW1 facilities is expected to behave or act in a manner that respects the rights of others allowing all to enjoy the facilities.

ii) Inappropriate Behaviours and Activities

Behaviours and activities that obstruct or hinder the rights of others to use and enjoy the BW1 facilities or compromises the safety of others is unacceptable and prohibited.

Inappropriate behaviour and activities for the purpose of this policy are classified into minor misdemeanour incidents and dangerous/serious incidents. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Misdemeanour Incidents:

a) Deliberate throwing of articles in an aggressive disruptive manner;

b) Refusal to follow Policies/Procedures of BW1 (per BW1 website);

c) Refusal to follow the direction of BW1 Staff;

d) Conduct that is known to be unwelcome as defined by the Ontario Human Rights Code. This may include the wearing of attire, the displaying of material or the use of language that is intolerant of human rights;

e) Use of profanity or obscene language;

f) Causing unsanitary conditions (i.e. expulsion of bodily fluids etc.);

g) Horseplay, behaviour or actions that are deemed to be hazardous, inappropriate and/or unsafe.

Dangerous/Serious Incidents:

a) Aggressive or intimidating verbal assaults;

b) Threats and/or attempts to intimidate;

c) Actual or attempted physical assault;

d) Attempts to goad or incite violence in others;

e) Theft of property;

f) Possession of weapons;

g) Vandalism to buildings, structures or property;

h) Engaging in sexual activity;

i) The use of all cell phones, cameras, pda’s and all electronic equipment with photographic abilities in change rooms/washrooms.