Pool COVID Rules

Procedures for the use of the Beechwood West #1 pool - Summer 2021

When you arrive at the pool:

  1. Practice social distancing (keep 2M between you/your household unit and others) at all times while at the pool complex including while in the water. This includes distancing from all staff.

  2. A guard will welcome you into the facility, collect your address and number of family members entering the pool and provide a brief reminder of our new procedures (which you are reading here) and remind you to stay home if you answer “yes” to any of these questions:

    1. Do you have symptoms of COVID-19?

    2. Have you been in contact with anyone with symptoms within the past 14 days (including those in your household or at any other place of work), anyone awaiting test results after experiencing symptoms OR have you been in contact with anyone who has had a positive COVID-19 diagnosis?

    3. Have you been instructed to isolate (stay at home) by a doctor, health care provider or public health unit?

    4. Have you traveled outside Canada in the last 14 days? Have you been in direct contact with anyone who has travelled outside of Canada within the past 14 days?

  3. Use hand sanitizer upon entry through the gate.

  4. Please consider showering at home before and after swimming to reduce congestion in our washrooms. There is a limit of 1 FAMILY at a time in the washrooms.

  5. Take a “clean” chair from the labeled pile beside the guardhouse. When leaving, place used chair in the “used” pile. Staff will clean the chair before the next member use.

  6. Select your own spot on the deck remembering to maintain physical distancing from surrounding members. Staff have a physical distancing rope to assist you if you are unsure about your spacing.

  7. Staff may ask you to move your chair to maximize usable space on the deck and/or to ensure physical distancing is being observed.

  8. Pool toys and swimming aids will not be available except during swimming lessons. Please bring your own PFD, noodle, etc. and ensure it is not left at the pool when you leave. No snorkels will be permitted.

  9. NO spitting or water-spouting of any kind will be tolerated both in/out of the water. If a noodle is brought to the pool, do not blow water through it. Children need to be supervised and spitting/ water-spouting may result in expulsion for the day.

  10. Bring your own goggles, water bottle and towel. Do not share equipment outside your household unit. Fill your water bottle at home; the water fountain remains closed.

  11. Patrons in need of assistance due to physical limitations should receive help from a family member.

  12. Our tuck shop will remain closed for 2021. Look for it to return in 2022!

As the weeks pass, our procedures will likely be amended to align with evolving best practices. Please be prepared for modifications when you arrive at the pool.