Singles Ladders

Beechwood West #1 runs an annual tennis ladder for children under 15.

This year, we are holding our first adult tennis ladder. The ladder can be climbed by beating higher ranked players. Players may only challenge players who are up to 3 spots above them. If a player is challenged, they have 4 days to accept before it is counted as a loss. Players may only decline a challenge if they are out of town, have sustained an injury, or have already played the challenging player in the past two weeks.

Starting positions on the ladder will be determined by sign-up order. The complete rules and a signup form can be found at the bottom of this page. The top-ranked player on September 1, 2017 will be crowned the annual Beechwood West #1 Tennis Champion

Current Ladder Rankings

Tennis Ladder Ranking

Ladder Signup

Complete Ladder Rules

  1. Players must bring their own racquets and tennis balls to each match.

  2. Each match is a regular set, up to 6 games. This set must be won by two games (So if the score is 6-5, keep playing).

  3. If the score is 6-6, play a tie-break. The first player to reach seven points wins the tie-break and the set. But if the score reaches six-points-all, the winner is the first player to win two points in a row. The player whose turn it was to serve in the set serves the first point of the tie-break. Their opponent serves the next two points and after that, the serve rotates after every two points.

  4. Challenges should be made by calling or emailing other players. Please respond to challenges as soon as possible to allow for more matches to be played. When challenging, you may only challenge within three positions above or below yourself on the ladder. For example, if you are 8th on the ladder, you may only challenge the 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th place players.

  5. Players must accept the challenge within 4 days. If a player fails to respond to a challenge or declines a challenge, they will lose by default unless they are physically incapable of playing. This could occur if they are out of town or have sustained an injury.

  6. If two players have already played each other in the past 14 days, neither of them are required to play the other again.

  7. After challenging another player who accepts, both players must find a time that works best for the both of them. The challenger may select a time and location of the match; however, the time and location must be mutually agreeable with both players.

  8. Starting positions on the ladder will be determined by the each player's self-reported skill level on the sign-up form. Any player who joins after the first 10 days will be added to the bottom of the ladder

  9. When a higher seed loses the winner will replace that individual, and the loser moves downs down one spot. Everyone in between the players will also move down one spot (which is why it is important to keep playing throughout the whole summer, in order to keep your ranking up).

  10. New ladder members may find that the first one or two matches played on the ladder appear to be mismatched (in terms of skill levels). Don’t be discouraged — as the season progresses, the ladder will sort itself into order.

  11. Each match is to be played with the official ITF rules (found online).

  12. To report scores or resolve any disputes, please contact the tennis director using the Contact Form